Gender Confirmation Surgery in Tarzana

Gender Confirmation Surgery in Tarzana

Gender confirmation surgeries are those that alter a transgender person’s physical appearance to better represent their gender identity. Gender affirmation surgery allows patients to physically look, function, and move through society in a way that aligns with who they are.

Not all transgender people choose to undergo gender confirmation surgery, but for some, it is a central part of their transition process. If you are considering gender confirmation surgery in Tarzana, contact AESTHETICA LA to learn more about your options. A consultation with our experienced surgeon could help you better understand what is involved in these types of procedures.

Facial Affirmation Procedures

Facial gender surgeries are procedures that can either feminize or masculinize the face to provide a more gender-affirming appearance. These surgeries could be extremely significant for the identity of the patient since facial features can reflect gender differences more overtly than other body parts. Both surgical and non-surgical options are available, from minimally invasive procedures like injectables to surgeries like rhinoplasty.

Facial Masculinization

Facial masculinization surgery could include lengthening the forehead by moving the hairline back, placing implants in the cheeks, contouring the jaw, or enhancing thyroid cartilage to enlarge the “Adam’s apple.” Lip augmentation and tracheal shaves are also popular for creating a more masculine appearance. Our skilled surgeon Dr. Yaghoubian will take the patient’s unique bone structure into consideration when recommending procedures to achieve a naturally masculine face.

Facial Feminization

Facial feminization surgery could include moving the hairline to create a smaller forehead, augmenting the cheekbones and lips, or reshaping and resizing the jaw and chin. Additionally, a skin-tightening procedure like a facelift could be used to smooth out the face, resulting in a more natural appearance. Our Tarzana clinic centers the patient’s goals and helps each person achieve their ideal results through a tailored treatment plan.

Transfeminine Top Surgery

Transfeminine top surgery feminizes the chest via breast augmentation surgery. At our Tarzana clinic, board-certified surgeon Dr. Yaghoubian can enlarge and shape the chest using implants to create the desired result. Individuals who undergo this procedure have various options to choose from depending on the look they want.

Transmasculine Top Surgery

Transmasculine top surgery masculinizes the chest using a procedure called mastectomy. A mastectomy removes breast tissue but leaves muscle tissue. Dr. Yaghoubian then shapes the chest and alters the nipples to produce masculine features.

There are many techniques used for this procedure. The proper treatment for the patient depends on multiple factors like the amount of breast tissue and whether nipple sensation is a priority.

Call Our Tarzana Clinic for More Info on Gender Confirmation Surgery

Our warm staff, inclusive atmosphere, and talented surgical team are available to support you through this challenging and exciting journey. We welcome your questions and embrace your decisions. Whether you are considering one surgery or many, we can help you decide the procedures that will enable you to move through life as your authentic self.

For those who want gender confirmation surgery in Tarzana, a consultation with the team at AESTHETICA LA can be enlightening and self-affirming. Give us a call today to learn how we can assist and support you.