Brazilian Butt Lift in Tarzana

Brazilian Butt Lift in Tarzana

Recently, more prominent buttocks have become a mainstream beauty standard that many women strive for through various methods. One method that could help many women achieve this look is a Brazilian butt lift in Tarzana. This surgery utilizes a fat transfer to create permanent plumpness of the butt and a slimming effect on other body areas.

By using a fat transfer, the surgery achieves a natural-looking enhancement for an attractive, shapely look. Dr. Yaghoubian is the only board-certified female plastic surgeon in this area. At AESTHETICA LA, she strives to create a safe and judgement free space for women who want to discuss emotional and sensitive topics, such as body sculpting procedures. Our team could help you achieve your ideal butt and body shape with natural-looking results.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The main objective of a Brazilian butt lift is to increase the size of the butt for a curvier, plumper look. Additionally, when someone in Tarzana receives a butt lift, the surgery counteracts buttock sagging due to weight fluctuations or aging effects. Unlike butt enhancement surgeries using implants, a Brazilian butt lift uses fat transfer so the results have more natural look and feel.

During a fat transfer, our surgeon uses liposuction to remove fat from the abdomen, hips, and thighs and uses this fat to inject into specific areas of the butt to create a fuller, rounder look. Additionally, areas of the body that underwent liposuction appear slimmer for a further enhanced body shape. An individual who struggles with confidence in their figure could significantly benefit from this procedure, as results of the surgery could last for several months to years.

Ideal Candidates for Brazilian Butt Lift

Since a Brazilian butt lift surgery uses fat transfer, an individual needs enough fat from either the abdomen, thighs, or hips to undergo this surgery. Therefore, the main requirement for this procedure is a healthy weight. Those who have enough fat for the transfer but are not close to their ideal weight may need to postpone the surgery. Ideally, a patient in Tarzana who undergoes a Brazilian butt lift leads a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise to maintain the surgery’s results. Common motivators for the surgery are feeling uncomfortable in clothing or noticing the loss of natural body shape due to aging and weight changes.

Recovery After a Brazilian Butt Lift

After a Brazilian butt lift procedure in Tarzana, swelling on the buttocks is expected and may persist for several weeks. A patient should avoid sitting on their butt for at least two weeks after surgery for adequate recovery. Additionally, it is crucial to sleep on the side or stomach until the butt has completely healed to avoid complications.

Immediately following this procedure, the butt’s larger size and new contours are apparent but may change over time. The body reabsorbs some of the fat used for the transfer after surgery which may reduce the butt’s size during recovery. Complete results of the surgery could take up to six months, and additional procedures may be necessary to achieve an ideal butt size and shape.

Contact Our Dedicated Tarzana Surgeon to Discuss a Brazilian Butt Lift

Shapely, plump butts are in demand as society has come to praise curvier figures. If you need help achieving this look, a Brazilian butt lift in Tarzana could be a long-term solution to achieving fuller, rounder buttocks that enhance your body shape.

The surgery uses a fat transfer for a natural look and feel of the butt compared to options that use implants. Benefits of the surgery beyond a more curvaceous behind include increased comfort with clothing and improved body proportions. Choose a Brazilian butt lift to achieve your ideal shape and size that compliments your figure for years. Contact us today.