Arm Lift in Tarzana

Arm Lift in Tarzana

Aging and weight fluctuations could result in excess fat and sagging skin on your upper arms, masking muscle definition. Though exercise improves the arm’s muscle tone, it does not resolve excess or sagging skin on the upper arms. An arm lift in Tarzana is a surgical option for removing upper arm skin and fat to achieve a more toned appearance.

A brachioplasty procedure utilizes liposuction to permanently remove fat on the upper arms while trimming away extra skin. Results are upper arms that appear smoother, firmer, and more defined. Dr. Yaghoubian is the only female board-certified plastic surgeon in this area, and she offers a unique personalized approach at her boutique practice, AESTHETICA LA. She understands that even the minor changes that an arm lift surgery could provide, could make a significant difference in a patient’s confidence and self-image. For long-lasting upper arm definition, look no further than our compassionate surgeon, Dr. Yaghoubian.

Arm Lift Procedure and Recovery

An arm lift procedure in Tarzana tones the upper arms by removing excess fat and skin with liposuction. Specifically, the surgery targets sagging skin and extra fat underneath the upper arms between the elbow and armpit. Results are upper arms that look firmer, toned, and younger.

During this surgery, the Dr. Yaghoubian makes an incision from the underarm area to the elbow. Afterward, the Dr. Yaghoubian may use liposuction techniques to remove excess fat for a more toned appearance. Following the fat removal, Dr. Yaghoubian trims away excess and sagging skin while repositioning the remaining skin to enhance the upper arm contours.

Since an arm lift , or brachioplasty, is an invasive procedure, resuming light activities, including returning to work, requires a few days of recovery. Three to four weeks of recovery are necessary before continuing strenuous activities, such as exercise. It is crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle after surgery to ensure additional weight gain does not reverse the brachioplasty results.

Why Should Someone Consider an Arm Lift ?

An essential factor of an arm lift is that excess fat removal is permanent. Though weight gain or other health factors could lead to regaining fat on the upper arms, the fat removed during the procedure is permanent. Additionally, unlike other surgical fat removal options, a brachioplasty removes excess skin for a smoother, slimmer appearance after surgery.

A surgical arm lift in Tarzana could be the ideal choice for improving the upper arm’s appearance if diet and exercise cannot eliminate excess fat. Further, if upper arm skin has lost elasticity due to weight gains or aging, surgery is one of the few successful method for tightening the skin. At AESTHETICA LA, we value our patient’s comfort and confidence over anything else, and our office remains a judgement-free zone. Therefore, if someone considering a brachioplasty has any questions or concerns about this procedure, they should contact Dr. Yaghoubian to determine if this is the right procedure for them.

Speak with Our Tarzana Surgeon to Discuss Undergoing an Arm Lift

Exercise is an excellent way to increase muscle definition but sagging skin on the upper arms can mask this. An arm lift in Tarzana surgically removes stubborn, excess upper arm fat and skin for a toned appearance. With this surgery, your upper arm fat is removed permanently with liposuction methods while sagging skin is trimmed and repositioned.

Brachioplasty results are upper arms that look firm, smooth, and defined. The surgery is ideal for improving the upper arms after weight fluctuations or aging effects have led to excess skin and fat. If you wish to achieve this appearance in your upper arms, an arm lift performed by our skilled female plastic surgeon, Dr. Yaghoubian, could help you meet this goal.