Breast Reduction in Tarzana

Breast Reduction in Tarzana

For some, larger breasts can cause physical pain or self-consciousness that make it difficult to fully enjoy life. If you are unhappy with your breasts’ appearance or the physical limitations they present, there is a surgical solution. Breast reduction aims to reconstruct your breasts to a smaller, more ideal size while enhancing their contours and appearance.

Also known as a reduction mammoplasty, breast reduction is a surgical procedure that removes any excess fat, tissue, and skin on the chest. This can achieve lifted and more proportional breasts, as well as smoother contours. There is no need to consider your larger breasts a burden anymore. Let Dr. Yaghoubian at AESTHETICA LA walk you through the benefits of breast surgery. A breast reduction in Tarzana may be the key to regaining comfort and confidence in your life.

What Can Breast Reduction Achieve?

The main objective of a breast reduction is to remove excess breast tissue, skin, and fat for smaller breast size and reduced breast weight. Breast reduction surgery can alleviate the physical discomfort and hindrances that come with large, heavy breasts.

Additionally, the surgery provides a more proportional breast size in harmony with the rest of the body for a natural appearance. In the procedure, Dr. Yaghoubian removes extra fat, skin, and tissue, and can reposition the nipples for a proportional, natural look. After the surgery, breasts will be firmer and more lifted for an overall younger appearance.

Factors When Considering Breast Reduction

There are several factors to consider before undergoing a breast reduction to ensure the best possible results. Weight fluctuations and pregnancy that occur after breast reduction could change results and require additional correction surgery. Breast and nipple piercings increase the risk of infections following a breast reduction. Additionally, diagnostic procedures such as a mammogram may be impacted by a breast reduction surgery.

Typically, a breast reduction operation is recommended for candidates over 25 years old. Breasts could continue developing into the early 20s, so it is best to wait for a stabilized breast size before undergoing surgery to avoid the need for another reduction procedure in the future.

Breast Reduction after Breastfeeding

Similarly, breasts may fluctuate in size and weight during breastfeeding, so it is recommended that new mothers wait until several months after breastfeeding to undergo a breast reduction surgery. Dr. Yaghoubian can further discuss with new mothers about an appropriate timeline for a breast reduction surgery.

Scarring for Breast Reduction Surgery

Typical of any invasive surgery, scarring on the breasts may occur. Dr. Yaghoubian strategically chooses the location of incisions to minimize the visible effect of scars after the surgery. Potential incision sites could be around the nipples, at the breast fold, or vertically between the nipples and breast fold.

In an initial consultation, Dr. Yaghoubian will listen to a patient’s concerns and address any potential issues. She centers her practice on empathy and communication and builds strong relationships with her patients to fully understand and achieve their goals.

Gain Comfort and Confidence with a Breast Reduction in Tarzana

If larger breasts are causing you physical or cosmetic concerns, consider a breast reduction in Tarzana. Dr. Yaghoubian can surgically alter your breasts by removing excess tissue, fat, and skin to reduce weight and give a lifted appearance. If you experience back, neck, or shoulder pain due to your breasts, this procedure could significantly reduce your physical discomfort.

Breast reduction has helped many people alleviate their pain and gain renewed confidence in their appearance. If you struggle with the physical limitations of larger breasts, call AESTHETICA LA today to set up an initial consultation.