Breast Lift in Encino

Breast Lift in Encino

Despite breast sagging being a development that most women experience in their life due to a combination of factors, many women continue to look for ways to slow down or reverse this effect. Instead of being unhappy with their breasts, many individuals undergo a breast lift in Encino to rejuvenate the contours of their chest.

In some cases, you can combine breast lift surgery (also known as a mastopexy) with additional cosmetic breast procedures, such as breast augmentation, in order to adjust the size as well. However, a standalone breast lift in Encino has several emotional and physical benefits for most patients, including boosted self-confidence. If you have moderate or extensive breast sagging that adversely impacts your breasts and overall appearance, get in touch with AESTHETICA LA to learn how we can assist.

Common Cosmetic Motivations for Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift patients often want surgery to correct drooping or sagging breasts, which often affects several other characteristics. For instance, the nipples and areolas might also sag, and in some cases, result in downward-pointing nipples that fall below the breast crease. In addition, breast sagging could lead to visible breast asymmetry, when one breast falls lower than the other, which may create difficulty with certain clothing items.

In every case of significant sagging, a prominent cause is stretched breast skin that cannot support the weight of breast tissue anymore. As a result, the shape may change from round or teardrop into a flat, elongated, or extended breast shape. As breast skin stretches, the areolas and nipples also stretch, which some women consider to be a negative cosmetic impact.

After pregnancy or substantial weight loss, breast volume typically declines, resulting in additional loose skin. Consequently, breast sagging and changes to its shape may worsen after these life events, but fortunately, a breast lift surgery in Encino could restore contours that last for years afterward.

Essential Considerations Before a Breast Lift

Before surgery, breast lift patients in Encino have several vital considerations to think about. Most importantly, even though the operation has immediate results that could last several years, it does not stop the breasts from naturally aging after surgery. This means that they might look youthful and perky for some time, but sagging begins to redevelop as a patient gets older, experiences weight changes, or becomes pregnant.

In addition, a mastopexy does not significantly change a patient’s breast size, but it could be performed simultaneously with augmentation surgery for size enhancements. Some patients may have a slightly smaller bra size after a lift due to tissue tightening and reshaping. Furthermore, a breast lift typically results in visible scarring on the breasts that may take a year or more to fade substantially.

Finally, since weight fluctuations affect breast contours, patients should consider being near their ideal weight at the time of surgery. Maintaining a stable weight after a breast lift is vital for preserving surgical enhancements. Otherwise, weight fluctuations could hasten the development of breast sagging after surgery, thus reversing the procedure’s effects.

Consider a Breast Lift Procedure in Encino

Even though sagging breasts are a common result of aging, you do not have to accept it. Instead, if you have moderate or severe breast sagging that affects breast contours, areolas, and nipples, consider getting a breast lift in Encino. Dr. Yaghoubian can remove excess and stretched skin and reshape the breast tissue back into a younger-looking form. She could simultaneously change the size, shape, and placement of the nipples and areolas to rejuvenate and balance your proportions even further. Get in touch with us and schedule a consultation to discuss your specific cosmetic goals and the possible changes you could see by working with an experienced plastic surgeon.